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CONVEX and our acknowledged experts deliver technology platforms with minimal time to market, optimal developer efficiency and exceptional performance.

Matching engine

Organizes the orders for a tradable asset and manages the interaction between buyers and sellers by matching the orders according to a matching algorithm.
Provides order matching, validation, and margin calculations. It has a modular and flexible design which enables it to be used stand-alone


CONVEX develops highly optimized pre-trade risk management systems to prevent customers from taking on market risks that are greater than the account funding will allow. Our post-trade tools (AI-based auto-liquidation algorithms) allow risk managers to monitor and evaluate the open positions at risk for their customers.

Asset Agnostic

By exposing a robust set of application programming interfaces, CONVEX can be extended and customized to fit the needs of any cryptocurrency exchange or marketplace.

Main features

Our experts and consultants have in-depth experience delivering innovative solutions for complex and large scale business needs. They adopt industry best practices and free your developers from accidental complexities, enabling them to focus on core system capabilities such as automating workflows, service resilience and horizontal scaling. CONVEX contains all the essential infrastructure components for a high performance technology platform and is purpose-built to minimise risk and withstand market volatility..

Supported Order types and Time In Force

  • Market Order
  • Day
  • Limit Order
  • Immediate Or Cancel (IOC)
  • (Trailing) Stop Order
  • Fill or Kill (FOK)
  • Iceberg
  • Good till Time (GTT)
  • Peg
  • Good Till Date (GTD)
  • Hidden
  • Good Till Cancel (GTC)

Orders Per Second

+13 million



Liquidations Per Second

½ million

Connected Users Per Node

+2 million


Delivering low-latency, high-performance Erlang/OTP, C and x64 Assembly software for the financial services industry.

Microsecond latency, multi-asset FIX, ITCH and SBE engine designed to meet the needs of the most demanding trading applications.

A a high-performance solution for storing, managing, processing and analyzing tick data recorded (or purchased) from multiple data sources.

A set of services & libraries for application security, endpoints rate limiting, bandwidth usage controls, and network security.

It provides a generalised, low-latency queuing framework, for high-frequency data across multiple threads and processes, on a single host.

QUARK has built-in resilience with no single point of failure. It seamlessly recovers without any data loss and provides an enterprise distributed shared memory processing grid. It scales both linearly and vertically, with blisteringly fast performance. QUARK was designed to be as fast as possible on a single node. Vertical scalability reduces your latency, while horizontal scalability increases your throughput. Ideally, you want both these. Using Quark, you will need less nodes in your system.

NEBULUM forms the backbone for a resilient and scalable exchange solution. It provides order matching, validation, and risk checks with high capacity and low latency. It has a modular and flexible design which enables it to be used stand-alone, or seamlessly integrated with existing solutions.

CONVEX has been designed to support data sharing between processes on the same machine in the fastest way possible with minimal latency. It is suitable for ultra low latency solutions, around a micro-second, and high throughput systems, in the tens of millions of event/operations per second. MORPH provides a simple easy-to-use Map, Set, and Queue data structures. All data is persisted to ensure full resilience and to allow for playback. Disaster recovery and failover are fully handled with built-in replication. Unlike traditional data structures, these collections are shared between processes, so a value written to one process is immediately visible on the other.

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